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Welcome to the Prima Royale Bike Rental Page

We are situated in the heart of Jerusalem in the perfect spot to explore the city by bike…
We have 4 Great city bikes.

The Cost:
50 NIS for 2 hours | 70 NIS for the whole day 

We First charge for 2 hours.
If you would like to continue, no worries! You will be charged automatically only another 20 NIS per bike.

How does it work?
1. In order to get and return the bike you must show the Tours desk the invoice we will send to your e-mail after you finish your order here.
2. The clock will start 20 minutes after you finish the checkout.

3. All bikes must return by 11:30 pm.
If you do not return the bike by 11:30 pm we will charge a penalty of 150 NIS.
4. If the bike is not returned within 20 hours we will charge the full price of the bike.

How many bikes would you like?

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