Prima Oasis Bike rental


Welcome to the Prima Oasis Bike rental page.

We have 5 great bikes for you to explore the beautiful surroundings of our hotel.
It’s a great opportunity to see the new promenade and combine a little bit of physical fitness with your vacation…


65 NIS for 2 hours | 85 NIS for the whole day 

1. The clock will start 20 minutes after you finish the checkout.
2. If you rent a bike for 2 hours and are late you will be charged for a full day.
3. All bikes must return by 11:00 pm.
If you do not return the bike by 11:00 pm we will charge a penalty of 95 NIS.
4. If the bike is not returned within 20 hours we will charge the full price of the bike.

SKU: 2006-1


התקשרו 02-5618056 או השאירו הודעה בטופס

    התקשרו 02-5618056 או השאירו הודעה בטופס


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