The EZRaider tours are 1.5 hours long and cost 299 NIS per person. There is a 20% discount when ordering online!
The EZRaider tours are suitable for riders above the age of 16 and up to 175 Kg. (385 lb.)
a child can ride with an adult on the same vehicle for additonal 149 NIS
The Segway tours are 2 hours long and cost 199 NIS per person. There is a 7% discount on the Classic Tour when ordering on line!
The Segway tours are suitable for people between the ages of 16-70, and a maximum weight of 130 Kg. (270 Ib.).
Pregnant women are not allowed to ride the segway.
If you didn’t find the tour or time you want, talk to us we can help 🙂